Who is Liz Dunoon?

Liz Dunoon is an Australian teacher and a mother to three children who have all struggled to learn to read, write and spell. In 2003 when she discovered the lack of educational support being offered to her oldest son, she began a journey to find out how to help him. In subsequent years she has been helping 1000’s of other families.

In 2010 she released her first book Helping Children With Dyslexia and wrote 3 more books to assist parents to offer educational support to their children at home. She also started an enormous free resource website of the same name as her book, to provide parents, teachers and professionals with information when they need it. She updates this website on a constant basis and sends out regular newsletters with the latest news on education and learning difficulties. Liz also continues to write, with another book on the way and numerous articles on the topic of learning difficulties and disabilities. She is in demand to speak at parents groups, schools and to present at conferences and seminars. Her most important role however, is caring for her three children, whilst providing personalised support to 1000’s of families when they need it.

It has been during the past years of research and speaking to parents and teachers that Liz discovered the ongoing stress caused to families because of the huge financial cost of having family members assessed and tested to determine a struggling learners difficulties and then the added cost of paying for ongoing tutoring, therapy and psychological costs. “Many families just cannot afford it and it can be heartbreaking.”

It is for this reason Liz has spent the last three years developing The Ten Minute Tutor. A program that is affordable, effective, easily accessible and enjoyable to assist all individuals and families.

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