Join Liz Dunoon’s Fun and Effective Video Reading and Spelling Tutorial Program For Just $9.95 Per Month

Since you’re here…. you’ve probably heard how I have helped hundreds of children, teens and adults to catch up at school with their reading and spelling and that includes my own 3 children.

Over the years many people have asked me how I did it and which program they should use? Many were looking for a tutoring program that would be time effective, time efficient and affordable, so during the last three years, I have been developing The Ten Minute Tutor to assist every student who struggles with literacy or English at school.

It’s a step-by-step video and worksheet program, using a real teacher – ‘That’s Me’. I will take your child through the reading and spelling process in a fun and effective way, whilst also building their confidence and self esteem, which is equally important.

See A Sample Of The Video Program Below

You are joining a membership program for just $9.95 AUD per month for 12 months or $450 AUD as one complete payment (17% discount). There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

You have access to the program for a total of 2 years. You can pay with Paypal or credit card from the buttons below or if you would prefer to pay by credit card over the phone please call Andrew in our office, on 1300 311 688.

As a member of the tutorial program, here is what you’ll get:

There are 12 level in the program and 28 tutorials in each level, plus there is a story book read-along section. The tutorials will teach your child step by step, how to read, how to spell and to believe in themselves. Each video comes with a downloadable worksheet so you can keep track of your child’s progress. Each tutorial level includes…..

20 video tutorials of Liz teaching your child phonics, word attack, spelling, grammar and punctuation, with plenty of opportunity to practise reading through popular songs and audio books.
4 video tutorials offering life skill strategies, which focus on understanding, empowering and educating students to help them to realise how intelligent and capable they really are.
4 video tutorials of interviews with inspirational people who struggled at school or have overcome adversity, but have since gone on to achieve life happiness and success. Each interviewee discusses their school experience and what strategies they used to move forward with their life and what they are doing now.
Video tutorials can be played over and over again as required and worksheets can be reprinted as needed by children, parents or teachers.
Liz also provides a live monthly webinar where you can join in. She will discuss topics of interest, answer your questions, talk to students and encourages monthly group discussions. You will become part of a community of parents and families all seeking to improve the life and educational outcomes of a child who learns differently. Everyone benefits from hearing the stories and strategies of others, however if you prefer not to participate you can always just listen and learn.
For questions of a more personal nature you will have access to a question and answers page within the members website, where you can also email in your own questions and ideas to receive a response from Liz.
There will also be future offers and discounts on new learning and educational products and services.

If you have any more questions or want to find out more about the video tutorial program before you subscribe, please email us at

If you want to become a member and get started please click the link below to go to our secure server.

If you would prefer to pay by credit card, you can call Andrew in the office on 1300 311 688

Steps to becoming a member when you click the ‘JOIN NOW’ button

1. You can pay by credit card or Paypal. The credit card processing is done by eWAY which is a secure third party business. eWAY and  PayPal does not share your financial information with the ‘The Ten Minute Tutor’. Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for this transaction.

2. Set up your membership to The Ten Minute Tutor, including your username and password. You will be sent a confirmation email and you will have instant access to the program.

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Liz Dunoon

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