What is The Ten Minute Tutor?

The Ten Minute Tutor is the first ever video streamed tutorial program that utilises a real person teaching the English language together with life skills and self belief. Most importantly it is provided in a fun, affordable and easily accessible format.

This program came about because there are many individuals who are struggling or have struggled with formal schooling who would benefit from some extra assistance. Unfortunately specialised personal tutoring is unaffordable and inaccessible for many people, families and schools.

According to research, somewhere between 10-20% of students find formal schooling difficult and learning to read, write and spell constantly challenging even though they are highly intelligent.

Individualised tutoring is often recommended by teachers, educational specialists and psychologists, to help an individual to catch up on schooling, however a personal tutor can cost between $40 and $150 per hour, making it unaffordable for many people. To add to this sometimes a student cannot concentrate for the entire hour making tutoring sessions wasteful of people’s precious time and money.

The Ten Minute Tutor has been created for families and individuals who are seeking a progressive literacy program which is affordable, easily accessible and enjoyable.

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