I have had some more questions about The Ten Minute Tutor. I also wanted to remind you that the
program goes live first thing tomorrow morning and that you are able to get the special offer of $97 for 
the first month of the program. We wanted to make this program accessible to everyone so there is a 
money back guarantee for the first 30 days and there are no lock in contracts so you can cancel at any 

We have answered the main question in the video which you can find by going to the link below, or if 
you prefer to read you can read the information below.


Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the Launch of The Ten Minute Tutor.

Warmest Regards,

Liz Dunoon



If you prefer to read, you can read the information below, otherwise you can go to the video in the link above.

How was the content for this program created?

Program Launches Tomorrow & Special Offer

It’s Liz here from The Ten Minute Tutor. This email is to remind you that tomorrow is the 30th of May 2012, the day where you as a member of Helping Children With Dyslexia can join The Ten Minute Tutor website and pay only $97 for the first month to get your son, your daughter, a student or maybe even yourself, started on the journey to better reading, spelling and self belief.

Remember this program can be used by all of your family members or your whole school community as the membership is based on your internet provider or IP address at your location.

I continue to receive emails asking me questions about The Ten Minute tutor, which is extremely helpful, because it tells me what people need to know and what information I can provide. Some questions come in more regularly than others, so here is the answer to the question. How did I develop this program to cater for everyone’s individual needs?

So here’s the answer….There have been three very important steps to developing a program such as this:

Firstly – I looked at the individual – Your child, your student, your teen or the adult who finds formal schooling difficult. I then used my knowledge of learning difficulties and learning strengths to determine how best to assist them to learn.

People who struggle to learn do so for a reason. So I took into account 6 main areas;

1. Visual Processing Difficulties – Difficulty seeing the text on the page in order to decode it

2. Auditory Processing Difficulties – Difficulty tuning in to what is important or staying focussed when there is too much noise in the learning environment

3. Phonological Difficulties – Difficulty hearing the sounds in words and relationships to alphabet letter symbols and spelling in the English language

4. The difficulty to organise thoughts and possessions to achieve learning aims – also known as Executive Dysfunction

5. Memory – The difficulty to remember what you have learnt

6. Processing Rates – How quickly your brain can operate to complete reading, accurate spelling and schoolwork tasks

Secondly – I focussed on teaching and learning methods and strategies that are specific to these cognitive weaknesses and explored the different styles of teaching that would be effective to teach to individual strengths.

In this program I teach to help students overcome their weaknesses in reading and spelling whilst also recognising that they will have learning strengths. It is a major feature of this program to provide students with the confidence to realise and utilize their learning strengths to be successful at school and in life.

Thirdly – I took all the knowledge that I have gained over the last 26 year, my teaching qualifications, actual classroom teaching, talking to people and listening to their feedback their stories and also their failures and their successes, reading scientific reports, speaking directly to scientific, medical and educational specialists, reading hundreds of books and articles and looking through significant numbers and styles of educational programs.

When developing the video and worksheet format I looked directly at great teaching and what makes a teacher great in the eyes of a struggling learner. When your child or a student tells you they have a great teacher. Ask them “What is it that makes this teacher great”? The answer will no doubt include the following

“They are great communicators”

“They provide direct instruction and don’t waffle too much”

“When I don’t understand a concept they take the time show me in another way”

“They repeat the learning until I get it”

“They are always there to give me explanations and give me time to practise”

“They never embarrass me in front of my peers, make me feel bad or tell me that I am lazy”

“They celebrate my every achievement”

“They smile a lot, make learning fun and make me laugh”

These are all the factors I have incorporated into my program The Ten Minute Tutor.

As Benjamin Franklin said

“TELL me and I forget, TEACH me and I learn, INVOLVE me and I remember.”

Remember the website goes live first thing tomorrow morning and I look forward to assisting your child or your student or maybe even you, to achieve reading, spelling and life success.


Thank you and have a great day.

Warmest regards, Liz Dunoon