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The Tuckshop Kid
50 chart landscape
Better Out Than In
The Fox and the Wolf
Two Baskets

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The Ugly Duckling
50 chart landscape
Alice In Wonderland
Dolphin Sky
Yellow Bird and Me
Treasure Island

The Tuck Shop Kid

By Australian Author Pat Flynn, illustrated by Tom Jellett

Great reading for children through to young adults

Back Cover Of The Book Text

Hungry? Need Lunch?
Mum’s packed you a curried banana and pickle sandwich again?
Only got $1.25 to your name?
Then you need to see Matt, because Matt has an amazing talent…

Some kids are good at footy, or handball, or tennis.
Not Matt though.
Matt is an expert at tuckshop. ($1.25 = a sausage roll and small choc milk, by the way…)

In this dog-eat-pie world of the playground, someone like Matt can go a long way.

But, being The best at anything does have its problems.
Even tuckshop.