About Us

Liz and Andrew Dunoon are the husband and wife team who have designed and created The Ten Minute Tutor. Together they have set forth to make learning to read and spell, faster, easier and more enjoyable for everybody.

Liz is a school teacher and now researches, reports, writes and speaks on the topic of intelligence, learning difficulties and learning disabilities. She is a published author and spends the majority of her time helping and supporting families affected by learning difficulties.

Although Andrew failed English at secondary school, he went on to successfully complete a double degree at university and has never look back. He has the ability to think outside the square and is involved in a series of successful businesses.

Liz loves to read, write and speak and Andrew is a whizz at Math, so together they have used their strengths to create a learning program that works. They have designed the Ten Minute Tutor to meet the needs of every individual, to allow students to catch up on schooling, while developing a healthy self-esteem.

Both Liz and Andrew have had their own past struggles at school, Liz with Math and Andrew with Literacy, so they are well placed to understand how it feels to struggle. Most importantly they understand that formal schooling does not suit every learner and that a difficult school experience should not define a child’s future prospects or levels of life success. There are thousands of people who have struggled at school, yet are incredible intelligent and have gone onto amazingly happy and successful lives.

Together Liz and Andrew have three children who have all found it difficult to learn to read, write and spell even though they are highly intelligent. After many years of researching to assist her own children, Liz has decided to dedicate her life to providing support to as many people as possible.

Liz, Andrew and their family live in Melbourne Australia and when not making videos for The Ten  Minute Tutor they enjoy spending time together as a family and supporting others.