What People Are Saying

Hi Liz,

Congratulations on your new program. You are a real inspiration and I wish you all the success with this.
I am a specialist tutor with Dyslexia Speld Foundation and I have encouraged all the parents of my students to consider purchasing your program as I truly believe the benefits are endless.

Kind regards,
Marisa Schreier

I am very excited about the Ten Minute Tutor because it gives parents the support they desperately need. You are truly inspirational Liz! You provide parents with the assistance not yet being provided by the education system.

The Ten Minute Tutor is very affordable and accessible to so many people. I will be promoting it at our meeting next week as well as your invaluable book and web-site ‘Helping Children with Dyslexia’. You are the first place I send parents after an assessment. Thank you so much!

Kind regards,
Tanya Forbes
Gold Coast Australia Dyslexia Support Group Email: gcdyslexia@gmail.com

Hi Liz,
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into our home every day. Your beautiful face (you are gorgeous) teaching our fun loving, dyslexic, 8 year old son, named Aden is so exciting.
Finally Aden will receive the skills he so desperately deserves.
Liz , I hold you responsible.
You are our angel.
Please add me to your fan club.
A very happy and proud Mum.

Living on the Goldcoast we’re spoilt with Theme Parks. Aden is a thrill seeker and at age 8 is adept at all the extreme rides. The challenge has been set, through your inspiration of course, next time we visit Dream world, we’re going on The Tower of Terror and on the way back down the alphabet is going to fly out of our mouths. If only we could film that!

Hi Liz,
I love the fact that the videos are only 10 minutes long. I love your positive, natural, genuine and caring manner. You manage to make the video interaction very personal – and encouraging. Unlike any other program I have come across, I really have the sense of your committed concern for people with Dyslexia to not only learn but be encouraged and to feel good about themselves. It is very significant that my 13 year old son has been happy to (almost) daily sit down with me to view the tutorials – Often he is reluctant to do anything extra to his school work. Well done!!
Lyn (23/07/12 Lyn Gray)
Ronan (TTMT receival unit at our house) is singing the songs from lessons for a couple of days thereafter. Most excitedly, he is on the hunt for ‘something that I am really good at.’ He is more inclined to offer himself for new opportunities, because that may be ‘something I’m really good at.’ Such as goalie at hockey, or getting into new manual workshop subjects at school. This is a new way of talking for him, and self talk as well.
Thank you.
Vanessa (Fri June 29th 2012)
I am an Educational Psychologist and have been recommending The Ten Minute Tutor to my clients. I have received very positive feedback from them and as such continue to recommend the program to improve their reading and spelling and very importantly their self-confidence. Some of the advantages of this program are that each tutorial is only 10 minutes long, the video medium is enjoyable for students and it also helps to empower students to advocate on their own behalf.
Dr. Janine Bounds
CONGRATULATIONS!!! The work you are doing is wonderful. What an ambitious enterprise and so well done.I love the respect with which you treat students with dyslexia in your 10 minute tutor sessions, and the role models you provide.
I will be recommending that people on my waiting list use your Ten Minute Tutor program, and that many current clients join your mailing list and visit your site. Even older students can benefit especially from the inspirational role models provided in your ‘Inspirational Interview’ tutorials. Keep up the great work – you are making a fantastic difference.
Dr. Susan Galletly
My son just loves The 10 Minute Tutor and the difference it has made to his self-esteem is huge. He was bullied last year and was self harming as a result, but with the right help he has improved greatly and the TTMT has just reinforced his sense of self worth especially the motivationals (even his teacher has noticed the improvement in his positive self confidence and approach to his school work).
As a mother I am speechless as to the changes I have witnessed. He feels that this is now just the beginning and that he is going to be famous now….he wants to volunteer his services as your spokesperson, as he is never short of a word. Thanks again
Ange Cornwall
As a special literacy teacher for over 40 years and grandmother of a child with learning difficulties, I have found The Ten Minute Tutor to be the only program available that uses a real teacher to help children who are struggling to learn to read and spell, whilst also improving self-confidence. Teachers are either not adequately trained or don’t have the time to help these children during their busy school day. Our school used ‘The Ten Minute Tutor’ to help students to catch up and also to provide them with the life skills that are built into the program. The children enjoyed The ‘Ten Minute Tutor’ and looked forward to seeing what was going to be covered in the next tutorial, as everyone is different and builds on the previous one. They particularly like the Sing-a-long tutorials. It is a marvellous program that I highly recommend.
Lyn Male
I think The Ten Minute Tutor program is fantastic. As a Primary school teacher who spent over 10 years helping kids to read, I was struggling to help my own son (11 yrs) as I didn’t have the necessary skills, to support him with his reading and spelling at home. Homework became a difficult and frustrating time for both of us, until he was diagnosed with Phonological and Perceptual Dyslexia. We ended up using a tutor through SPELD, who was fantastic but at $50 a session we were struggling to afford it. Now, parents everywhere have a program that is appealing, accessible and affordable. Thank you so much Liz and good luck with the success of your program.
Gina Shelley
We are loving the ten minute tutor. Tully (9 yrs) loves doing the sessions and I adore listening to them as well. I love that I haven’t had to cajole her into it. I think she stands taller after doing the sessions. I really love that you focus on a whole child approach and strengths. The inspirational interviews are such such a treat, and singing James Brown together was tops. So many programs are about remediation, which can be such a self esteem destroying experience for the child with dyslexia. I also really loved reading the feedback from other parents. There are a lot of us who bless you for putting such a wonderful package together. I feel happy to be part of such a tribe. “In the words of James Brown, I feel GOOD!
Chris Young
Today my daughter ran in the front door screaming in excitement, because for the first time ever she had received an A on her school report and today she got 3 A’s. Prior to starting The Ten Minute Tutor, she was struggling at school, was very shy and never spoke out. Now she has been elected to junior school council after giving a speech to the entire school assemble.
All this has happened since starting The Ten Minute Tutor.
Lynne Broers
My daughter Summer (10 yrs) is really enjoying the TTMT tutoring with Liz and over the last six weeks I’ve found a huge difference in her attitude towards learning. I can see for the first time ever she’s understanding our English Language.
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful programme, I can truly say after a year I believe Summer will go from “Below Average” in reading and writing to at least “Average” especially seeing the results only after six weeks!
Lynda Malcolm
English for me has always been difficult, particularly spelling, I am now two thirds of the way through The Ten Minute Tutor and I am averaging for my English results 70 to 80%. Before I started TTMT I could never get over 50%. The confidence and what I have learnt from this program including the confidence has helped me in all my other subjects too.
“CONGRATULATIONS on your 10-minute tutor launch, you are also very entertaining and I’m sure you will maintain my daughter’s interest and she will be soooooooo engaged. I’ll keep you posted and I’ll give you feedback on how Bethany goes. THANK YOU…………….I don’t feel so alone now.”
Hello LIZ,
YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTELY INSPIRATIONAL PERSON. Wow, I loved watching your Sample Video of the Ten Minute Tutor. Most importantly, the way you have incorporated the “empowering” each child to feel important and to feel intelligent. This is what my daughter Georgia needs
right now. Thank you so much.
Kindest Regards
Dear Liz,
Thank you for sending me the link to “The Ten Minute Tutor”.
I watched it today and it looks absolutely fabulous. I love the interviews and the teaching methods. It is casual, fun and full of loving supportive messages.
I particularly like the interviews with children who are positive and full of enthusiasm.
It gives me hope that we can get through the formal schooling years with less tears and frustration.

I have purchased your book. It is such an excellent resource for me and my family.
I found the checklist at the back of the book to be the most helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me.
It helps me keep my information folder up to date. When we visit professionals I can present all the important information as a single resource.

I have passed your book onto many confused mothers like myself who just needed a kick start to get through the initial diagnosis.

Happy thoughts to you.
Heidi. (My son is 9, he was first diagnosed in 2011).

Liz, I just took a look around the site, and I think it’s great that you’re making some needed instruction available to people in remote or rural areas (have lived remotely and there were very few services at all…) and also for people who cannot afford one-to-one tutoring. Accessible is equitable. 🙂

Kylie Rasmussen
Hi Liz

”Wow the program looks terrific. I’ve just listened to the first tutorial and can’t wait for the girls to get started. Thanks for making it clear, fun, and interactive. I think the part that may be going to have the biggest impact on us all will be the inspirational interview day.
I like especially that this looks like something that won’t be a chore.”

Hi Liz,

”My 8 year old daughter started the Ten Minute Tutor yesterday. We will let you know how she progresses. I have also passed your sample of the program email onto her teacher and psychologist.

I truly appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this and your heart to see other children succeed. I personally am looking forward to day 6 and 7 so that my daughter will be encouraged with the life skills and inspired by other people that have suffered with dyslexia.”

Kind Regards,


Hi Liz,
Thanks for taking the time, effort and having passion to put The Ten Minute Tutor into action and available at a reasonable price. I was hooked by your promotional videos. Initially my 12 year old son was a bit annoyed at what I was putting him through (baby stuff!), but by the end he was laughing at your alphabet on the carnival ride. Thank you for helping to relieve the stress on those children who have done a few programs and are thinking “not again!”. Next day he was ready and willing to go on to the next tutorial without feeling it was to young for him.



Dear Liz,
Thank you for providing a resource that will not only help our son in his reading development but is affordable for many families. I am also very impressed with the holistic approach to the program, that builds on a child’s confidence and self esteem as well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Kind regards,

“Hi Liz – I have been eagerly awaiting the 10 minute tutor and have signed up today and looking forward to getting started. Videos are great and I think will really appeal to my daughter. Well done on creating such an innovative tool – wonderful to be able to access something like this here in the Northern Territory as support is otherwise very scarce!!!”